Peak District Myths and Legends

As beautiful as the Peak District is, there is an entirely different side to the area. The stunning hills and fields become altogether more sinister when the mist rolls in or a storm breaks overhead. It’s unwise to be caught out in the moors at night, you never know what ethereal beings may be roaming around..

Cutthroat Bridge, Ladybower

Cutthroat Bridge, LadybowerOver 400 years ago, a local discovered the victim of a brutal attack whose throat had been slashed, in a field. Despite taking him to a nearby home, the man died two days later. When a new road bridge was built nearby, the locals remembered the murder and from then on the bridge has been known as Cutthroat bridge. What’s more, the decapitated remains of a man were discovered near the bridge in 1995..

Winnats Pass

The interesting rock formations and caverns in this steep sided valley, within Hope Valley are not the only things to keep an eye out for. Back in the 18th century a couple of young lovers were robbed and killed in the pass, while they were on their way to be wed. A gang of lead miners were responsible for the attack, who had noticed the wealth the couple possessed as they passed through Castleton. Justice caught up with their murderers however, with one crushed to death by rocks and another breaking his neck in the pass. Of the other three, one took his own life, another lost his marbles and the other confessed their heinous crime on his deathbed. It is said that the ghosts of the two lovers can be seen begging for help in the pass. Beware though, their murderers also still linger at the entrance to the pass..

Lud’s Church

The unique chasm is said to have played host to Sir Gawain of King Arthur fame, and the Green Knight, as well as Bonnie Prince Charlie and even Robin Hood and his gang. Robin Hood references can be found throughout the National Park. You can even visit Little John’s grave at Heathersage.